Advanced Dental Technology – Grantsville, UT

Greater Efficiency Made Possible With Optimal Technology

Dentist looking at computer screen with digital x rays of teeth

Committing to delivering same-day treatment and all-encompassing dentistry under one roof, our Frandsen Dental of Grantsville team utilizes advanced dental technologies for greater efficiency and accuracy. Depending on your unique needs, we can employ the use of our cone beam scanner, soft tissue laser, intraoral camera, or cavity detection system and effectively streamline the process to produce detailed treatment plans and more beautiful results. Review the types of dental technologies in Grantsville that we use below and call us with any questions.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

C T cone beam scanner standing against white wall

Determining the depths that dental implants should be within the jawbone requires a thorough look at your oral and facial structures. The same is true should you require root canal therapy or another complex form of dental care. This is why we use our CT cone beam scanner, as it captures hundreds of images to create a 3D model of your head and mouth. By making detailed treatment planning easier, we can more accurately prepare for your upcoming procedure.

Soft Tissue Laser

Dentist holding a thin gray laser pen

Laser technology is not commonly found in many dental offices, but our Grantsville dental practice relies on this innovative solution to make gum disease treatment more comfortable and precise. Instead of traditional scalpels and sutures that require longer recovery times, our laser targets diseased tissues and eliminates them. The laser’s concentrated beam of light minimizes bleeding and swelling while also sterilizing the area to reduce the chances of post-operative infection.

Intraoral Cameras

Dentist holding a wand like intraoral camera

Attempting to visualize what it is that your dentist sees in your mind is no longer necessary thanks to intraoral cameras. Used not only as a diagnostic tool for our team but also as an educational device for patients, we can help you see what is happening inside your mouth in real-time so that you can better understand why it’s important to take proper care of your teeth and gums.

Pearl Cavity Detection System

Dentist giving a patient a dental exam

When it comes to identifying early signs of dental decay, it’s important that our team use more than the naked eye. This is why we now use our AI-driven Pearl cavity detection system. Capable of pinpointing even the smallest areas of decay within your dental X-rays, the software can determine the severity, allowing us to formulate a plan that will minimize the spread and lower your chances of needing restorative care in the future.