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When a child is teething, this time period can affect everyone in the home. Dr. Frandsen, Dr. Dansie and our team want to help you keep your baby and yourself as comfortable as possible by helping you to better understand teething and the common signs. We review the process of receiving baby teeth and signs of teething you can expect.

Teething is a process that is different for every child, but overall you can anticipate the following eruption order:

– Central incisors, or the bottom front teeth, around six months of age
– Top central incisors around eight months of age
– Lateral incisors, or the top neighboring teeth, between nine and 13 months of age
– First molars around 19 months of age
– Canine teeth around 17 months of age
– Second molars around 25 to 33 months of age

By age two, your child should have all 20 baby teeth in their smile. The short succession of receiving this many teeth can cause your child to undergo signs of teething several times during these months. We encourage you to look for symptoms of teething such as:

– Excess drooling
– Sucking
– Biting
– Rubbing the gums
– Appetite loss
– Mild temperature

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