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Not all wisdom teeth are created equally. Many wisdom teeth may never erupt. Do you know why? Find out in this post about wisdom teeth by continuing and reading on ahead. If you would like to have your wisdom teeth taken out, feel free to please phone our office to plan you a consultation checkup with our doctor.

You may be aware of the term “impacted teeth.” Impacted teeth are chompers that are surrounded by soft tissues, also known as the gums within the oral cavity. Since human jaws are smaller than they were in the past, wisdom teeth usually don’t have enough room to grow in correctly. When they do progress, they frequently do so sideways and unsuitable. In some cases, when the wisdom teeth grow in partially but not completely, debris can become wedged between the pearly whites and the gums, resulting in infection and eventual gum disease. This is why many doctors will recommend extracting the wisdom teeth if they haven’t erupted all the way.

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