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When teeth are severely damaged or lost because of the effects of tooth decay, gum disease, or accident, replacing them is vital to maintaining your appearance as well as the form and function of your bite. When lost teeth are not replaced, the remaining teeth can shift, cause misalignment, and a sunken facial profile. With the help of dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, and implants, we can help you avoid those issues.

Crowns come in a variety of materials and are used to cap a damaged tooth while lending it added strength in the process. These restorations improve the shape, alignment, and appearance of a tooth. They are fixed prosthetic devices cemented over a dental implant or tooth. They can only be removed by your dentist, which is one way they differ from dentures.

Like crowns, bridges are fixed prosthetic devices. They work by bridging the gap between missing teeth. But bridges can be supported either by nearby teeth or dental implants. Those teeth that anchor the bridge are referred to as abutments, while the tooth fitted over the abutment is a pontic.

Titanium devices that act as a tooth root and are surgically affixed into the jaw under the gum line. They serve as anchors, allowing us to attach a tooth replacement or bridge to fill in gaps when teeth are lost. Implants are sturdy restorations that don’t come loose and don’t need to be attached to neighboring teeth for stability.

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