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Your professional dental cleaning and exam appointments are very beneficial for you, your smile, and your entire oral health. They can help you in a myriad of ways. In fact, they can help you in ways you’ve never thought of before! This is why you should be excited about your upcoming appointments. To explain a little more, our dentist, Dr. Brian Frandsen, is happy to list the benefits involved in a professional teeth cleaning in Grantsville, Utah.

First, your teeth cleaning can upgrade your oral and overall health. This is because it will deeply clean the teeth, gums, and entire mouth and eliminate the harmful substances (plaque and tartar) that reside there. Plaque and tartar are very dangerous because they promote gum disease. Gum disease is a disparaging dental issue that can be linked to major health issues, like heart disease and diabetes. So, if you attend your cleaning appointments, you can have a pristine smile, you can improve your oral health, and you can achieve a healthier body.

Second, your teeth cleaning can help you look and feel fantastic. This is because there is a tooth polishing treatment involved that can eradicate the minor stains in your tooth enamel (the outer shell of your teeth). This can help your chompers look whiter and more attractive, which can improve your self-confidence.

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