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The holiday season begins with Halloween next week. Along with Halloween comes the advent of numerous temptations to your smile, including oral health risks such as tooth decay and dental erosion that can arise due to the excessive consumption of sugary sweets. Furthermore, numerous products that are Halloween staples can easily chip and crack your teeth. Exercise caution by asking yourself these important questions about your oral health:

– Are you using cleaning products to help keep your mouth free and clear of candy debris?
– Have you been disposing of all candy after the holiday is over?
– Do you always make sure to use products that are recommended or suggested by your dentist?
– Do you avoid products that can easily damage your smile, including highly acidic substances such as fruit drinks and sour sweets, as well as hard candies such as candy apples and popcorn balls?
– Do you have an effective candy plan and checklist in place?
– Have you had your bi-annual professional cleanings this year?

For more tips and tricks to improve your smile and oral health during Halloween and many more holidays to come, please call Frandsen Dental at 435-884-3002, or stop by our office in Grantsville, Utah. Dr. Brian Frandsen and our team look forward to seeing you smile!