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Welcome to Frandsen Dental online! We are a family and cosmetic dental practice helping patients of all ages achieve healthy, confident smiles. This month, as you know, is all about Halloween, but for us dental practitioners, we also celebrate National Dental Hygiene month and National Orthodontic Health month.

Today’s blog is going to show you how National Dental Hygiene Month’s message of “Do The Daily 4” can benefit you and your family’s smile health. In the battle against tooth decay and gum disease, these are the four most important things you can do every day:


Brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time. Doing this will lessen plaque to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.


Floss in between your teeth and gums once a day, using dental floss or interdental brushes. Doing this will remove food particles and plaque in those places where your toothbrush can’t reach.


Rinsing with an anti-microbial mouthwash once a day will help freshen breath, and help prevent gum disease. Make sure to find a mouthwash with the ADA Seal of Acceptance on the packaging to ensure that the product is both safe AND effective.

4-Sugarless Gum

That’s right, you heard us correctly. Chewing sugarless gum actually boosts your daily regimen by “cleaning” your teeth after eating and drinking when you can’t brush your teeth. Chewing stimulates saliva production which neutralizes plaque acids, remineralizes enamel and washes away food particles.

But what about Halloween? Can your family indulge in all the festivities while protecting your pearly whites? The answer is yes, especially if you are already doing the daily 4 as outlined above. We recommend two tips which can help you and your loved ones have a safe month while treating yourselves.

First, try sticking to sweets such as powdered candies which dissolve easily, and avoid chewy and hard, sticky candy. Next, if you can’t brush your teeth after snacking on treats, drink water or milk after snacking. Water helps rinse away bacterial film and milk has a high pH to offset the acid in the candy.

By mindfully caring for you and your family’s smile, you can enjoy the holidays without sacrificing your healthy smile in the process. If you would like to schedule a visit with one of our caring dentists, please call Frandsen Dental in Grantsville, Utah at 435-884-3002 today!