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Do you suffer from dental anxiety? Frandsen Dental understands, and we want to do all we can to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe at our office. We find that among many things, telling jokes can help our patients feel more relaxed. And sometimes, the cornier the jokes, the better. If you are worried about your next dental appointment, just read these puns and one-liners:

– I went to the dentist without lunch, and he gave me a plate.

– A dentist and manicurist fought tooth and nail.

– Be kind to your dentist because he has fillings too.

– They called him the king of the dentists because he specialized in crowns.

– The dentist’s alibi was full of holes, so the police performed a cavity search.

– A dentist has to tell a patient the whole tooth.

– Going to the dentist can be very full-filling.

– The dentist’s favorite shopping center is “The Gap”.

– A dentist named Dr. Howie McCavity always quit work at tooth-hurtie.

– Dentists have their own flossify on how to keep teeth clean.

– The sad dentist looked down in the mouth.

– Dental care in Panama is called a route canal.

Now the next time you visit Drs. Frandsen and Dansie in Grantsville, Utah, you know that we’ll have a good time. Give us a call at 435-884-3002 to make an appointment.